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Regarding the taxonomy and the list of species below, I have used the names listed under “Scientific name”, together with columns for the English name and the pre-2010 and current scientific name, where they are different from the “Scientific name”.

The reason I have not used the currently-accepted term in all cases is that the Scientific name had become established and widely used, especially in literature, much or most of it pre-dated the 2020 taxonomy. It is also the case that it entails a lot of work to re-order the scientific names alphabetically and, more importantly, the taxonomy is continually changing and there is no reason to believe that the 2020 taxonomy is final. The "Scientific name" is the current taxon unless the current column shows a different name, this being the currently-accepted taxon.

Species pages updated with 2023 photographs have the English names highlighted in green. Species for which there are no pages (as yet) are shown in grey text.


The species list was updated in the autumn of 2015 to remove Pigmy Skipper (Gegenes pumilio), which is now considered to be extinct in France. Mother-of-Pearl Blue (Polyommatus niviscens), Zephyr Blue (Plebejus pylaon), and Swiss Brassy Ringlet (Erebia tyndarus) also probably no longer occur in France. However, I have a page for E. tyndarus seen in Switzerland and that page has been retained for reference purposes. A page for Spanish Argus (Aricia morronensis) has been added as this species certainly does fly in France, albeit in only one or two small and remote localities.


There are enlarged versions of all photographs taken in 2006-23. To see the enlarged version, just click on the smaller, grid photograph (or simply scroll down), and scroll back up to return. A few photographs from 2005 and earlier have only been included if there were no better photographs available.


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Libytheidae Riodinidae Pieridae
Papilionidae Hesperiidae - Skippers  

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Scientific name

English name

Pre-2010 scientific name

current (as at December 2020) scientific name (where different from the "Scientific name" column)

Aricia agestis

Brown Argus


Aricia artaxerxes

Mountain Argus


Aricia eumedon

Geranium Argus

Eumedonia eumedon

Eumedonia eumedon

Aricia morronensis Spanish Argus    
Aricia nicias Silvery Argus Pseudoaricia nicias  

Cacyreus marshalli

Geranium Bronze


Celastrina argiolus

Holly Blue


Cupido alcetas

Provençal Short-tailed Blue

Everes alcetas


Cupido argiades

Short-tailed Blue Everes argiades  

Cupido minimus

Small (or Little Blue)


Cupido osiris

Osiris Blue


Cyaniris semiargus

Mazarine Blue

Glaucopsyche alexis Green-underside Blue    
Glaucopsyche melanops Black-eyed Blue    
Iolana iolas Iolas Blue    
Lampides boeticus Long-tailed Blue    
Leptotes pirithous Lang's Short-tailed Blue    

Phengaris alcon

Alcon Blue Maculinea alcon  

Phengaris alcon (rebeli)

Mountain Alcon Blue Maculinea rebeli  

Phengaris arion

Large Blue Maculinea arion  

Phengaris nausithous

Dusky Large Blue Maculinea nausithous  

Phengaris teleius

Scarce Large Blue Maculinea teleius  
Plebejus argus Silver-studded Blue    
Plebejus argyrognomon Reverdin's Blue    

Plebejus glandon

Glandon Blue

Agriades glandon

Agriades glandon
Plebejus idas Idas Blue    
Plebejus optilete Cranberry Blue   Agriades optilete

Plebejus orbitulus

Alpine Blue

Agriades orbitulus

Agriades orbitulus

Plebejus pyrenaicus

Gavarnie Blue

Agriades pyrenaicus

Agriades pyrenaicus

Polyommatus amandus Amanda's Blue    

Polyommatus bellargus

Adonis Blue Lysandra bellargus Lysandra bellargus

Polyommatus coridon

Chalk-hill Blue Lysandra coridon Lysandra coridon

Polyommatus damon

Damon Blue

Agrodiaetus damon


Polyommatus daphnis

Meleager's Blue Meleageria daphnis  

Polyommatus dolus

Furry Blue

Agrodiaetus dolus

Polyommatus dorylas Turquoise Blue    
Polyommatus eros Eros Blue    
Polyommatus escheri Escher's Blue    

Polyommatus hispanus

Provence Chalk-hill Blue Lysandra hispana Lysandra hispana
Polyommatus icarus Common Blue    

Polyommatus ripartii

Ripart's Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus ripartii

Polyommatus thersites Chapman's Blue    
Pseudophilotes baton Baton Blue    
Scolitantides orion Chequered Blue    
Lycaena alciphron Purple-shot Copper    
Lycaena dispar Large Copper    
Lycaena helle Violet Copper    
Lycaena hippothoe Purple-edged Copper    
Lycaena phlaeas Small Copper    
Lycaena tityrus Sooty Copper    
Lycaena virgaureae Scarce Copper    
Callophrys avis Chapman's Green Hairstreak    
Callophrys rubi Green Hairstreak    

Favonius quercus

Purple Hairstreak Neozephyrus quercus  

Laeosopis roboris

Spanish Purple Hairstreak Laeosopis evippus  
Satyrium acaciae Sloe Hairstreak    
Satyrium esculi False Ilex Hairstreak    
Satyrium ilicis Ilex Hairstreak    
Satyrium pruni Black Hairstreak    
Satyrium spini Blue-spot Hairstreak    
Satyrium w-album White-letter Hairstreak    
Thecla betulae Brown Hairstreak    
Tomares ballus Provence Hairstreak    
Aglais io Peacock Inachis io  
Aglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell    
Apatura ilia Lesser Purple Emperor    
Apatura iris Purple Emperor    
Araschnia levana Map    
Charaxes jasius Two-tailed Pasha    
Danaus chrysippus Plain Tiger    
Limenitis camilla White Admiral    
Limenitis populi Poplar Admiral    
Limenitis reducta Southern White Admiral    
Nymphalis antiopa Camberwell Beauty    
Nymphalis polychloros Large Tortoiseshell    
Polygonia c-album Comma    
Polygonia egea Southern Comma    
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral    
Vanessa cardui Painted Lady    
Argynnis adippe High Brown Fritillary   Fabriciana adippe
Argynnis aglaja Dark Green Fritillary   Speyeria aglaja
Argynnis niobe Niobe Fritillary   Fabriciana niobe
Argynnis pandora Cardinal    
Argynnis paphia Silver-washed Fritillary    
Boloria aquilonaris Cranberry Fritillary    
Boloria dia Weaver's Fritillary    
Boloria eunomia Bog Fritillary    
Boloria euphrosyne Pearl-bordered Fritillary    
Boloria graeca Balkan Fritillary    
Boloria napaea Mountain Fritillary    
Boloria pales Shepherd's Fritillary    
Boloria selene Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary    
Boloria titania Titania's Fritillary    
Brenthis daphne Marbled Fritillary    
Brenthis hecate Twin-spot Fritillary    
Brenthis ino Lesser Marbled Fritillary    
Euphydryas aurinia Marsh Fritillary    
Euphydryas cynthia Cynthia's Fritillary    
Euphydryas desfontainii Spanish Fritillary    
Euphydryas intermedia Asian Fritillary    
Euphydryas maturna Scarce Fritillary    
Issoria lathonia Queen of Spain Fritillary    

Melitaea athalia

Heath Fritillary Mellicta athalia  

Melitaea aurelia

Nickerl's Fritillary Mellicta aurelia  
Melitaea cinxia Glanville Fritillary    

Melitaea deione

Provençal Fritillary Mellicta dejone  
Melitaea diamina False Heath Fritillary    
Melitaea didyma Spotted Fritillary    

Melitaea parthenoides

Meadow Fritillary Mellicta parthenoides  
Melitaea phoebe Knapweed Fritillary    

Melitaea varia

Grisons Fritillary Mellicta varia  
Aphantopus hyperantus Ringlet    
Arethusana arethusa False Grayling    
Brintesia circe Great Banded Grayling    
Chazara briseis The Hermit    
Coenonympha arcania Pearly Heath    
Coenonympha darwiniana Darwin's Heath    
Coenonympha dorus Dusky Heath    
Coenonympha gardetta Alpine Heath    
Coenonympha glycerion Chestnut Heath    
Coenonympha hero Scarce Heath    
Coenonympha oedippus False Ringlet    
Coenonympha pamphilus Small Heath    
Coenonympha tullia Large Heath    
Erebia aethiopella False Mnestra Ringlet   Erebia aethiopellus
Erebia aethiops Scotch Argus    
Erebia alberganus Almond-eyed Ringlet    
Erebia cassioides Common Brassy Ringlet   Erebia arvernensis
Erebia epiphron Mountain Ringlet    
Erebia epistygne Spring Ringlet    
Erebia euryale Large Ringlet    
Erebia gorge Silky Ringlet    
Erebia gorgone Gavarnie Ringlet    
Erebia lefebvrei Lefèbvre's Ringlet    
Erebia ligea Arran Brown    
Erebia manto Yellow-spotted Ringlet    
Erebia medusa Woodland Ringlet    
Erebia melampus Lesser Mountain Ringlet    
Erebia meolans Piedmont Ringlet    
Erebia mnestra Mnestra's Ringlet    
Erebia montana Marbled Ringlet    
Erebia neoridas Autumn Ringlet    
Erebia oeme Bright-eyed Ringlet    
Erebia ottomana Ottoman Brassy Ringlet    
Erebia pandrose Dewy Ringlet    
Erebia pharte Blind Ringlet    
Erebia pluto Sooty Ringlet    
Erebia pronoe Water Ringlet    
Erebia rondoui Pyrénées Brassy Ringlet    
Erebia scipio Larche Ringlet    
Erebia sthennyo False Dewy Ringlet    
Erebia sudetica Sudeten Ringlet    
Erebia triaria de Prunner's Ringlet   Erebia triarius
Erebia tyndarus Swiss Brassy Ringlet    
Hipparchia alcyone Rock Grayling    
Hipparchia fagi Woodland Grayling    
Hipparchia fidia Striped Grayling    
Hipparchia semele Grayling    
Hipparchia statilinus Tree Grayling    
Hyponephele lupina Oriental Meadow Brown    
Hyponephele lycaon Dusky Meadow Brown    
Lasiommata maera Large Wall    
Lasiommata megera Wall    
Lasiommata petropolitana Northern Wall    
Lopinga achine Woodland Brown    
Maniola jurtina Meadow Brown    
Melanargia galathea Marbled White    
Melanargia lachesis Iberian Marbled White    
Melanargia occitanica Western Marbled White    
Melanargia russiae Esper's Marbled White    
Minois dryas Dryad    
Oeneis glacialis Alpine Grayling    
Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood    
Pyronia bathseba Spanish Gatekeeper    
Pyronia cecilia Southern Gatekeeper    
Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper    
Satyrus actaea Black Satyr    
Satyrus ferula Great Sooty Satyr    
Libythea celtis Nettle-tree Butterfly    




Hamearis lucina

Duke of Burgundy

Anthocharis cardamines Orange-tip    
Anthocharis euphenoides Provence Orange-tip    
Aporia crataegi Black-veined White    
Colias alfacariensis Berger's Clouded Yellow    
Colias crocea Clouded Yellow    
Colias hyale Pale Clouded Yellow    
Colias palaeno Moorland Clouded Yellow    
Colias phicomone Mountain Clouded Yellow    
Euchloe crameri Dappled White    
Euchloe simplonia Mountain Dappled White    
Euchloe tagis Portuguese Dappled White    
Gonepteryx cleopatra Cleopatra    
Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone    
Leptidea duponcheli Eastern Wood White    
Leptidea sinapis Wood White    
Pieris brassicae Large White    
Pieris bryoniae Mountain Green-veined White    
Pieris ergane Mountain Small White    
Pieris mannii Southern Small White    
Pieris napi Green-veined White    
Pieris rapae Small White    
Pontia callidice Peak White    
Pontia daplidice Bath White    
Iphiclides podalirius Scarce Swallowtail    
Iphiclides feisthamelii Iberian Scarce Swallowtail    
Papilio alexanor Southern Swallowtail    
Papilio machaon Swallowtail    
Parnassius apollo Apollo    
Parnassius mnemosyne Clouded Apollo    
Parnassius phoebus Small Apollo    
Zerynthia polyxena Southern Festoon    
Zerynthia rumina Spanish Festoon    
Carcharodus alceae Mallow Skipper    
Carcharodus baeticus Southern Marbled Skipper Carcharodus boeticus  
Carcharodus flocciferus Tufted Marbled Skipper   Carcharodus floccifera
Carcharodus lavatherae Marbled Skipper    
Carterocephalus palaemon Chequered Skipper    
Erynnis tages Dingy Skipper    
Hesperia comma Silver-spotted Skipper    
Heteropterus morpheus Large Chequered Skipper    
Muschampia proto Sage Skipper Syrichtus proto  
Ochlodes sylvanus Large Skipper    
Pyrgus alveus Large Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus andromedae Alpine Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus armoricanus Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus cacaliae Dusky Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus carlinae Carline Skipper    
Pyrgus carthami Safflower Skipper    
Pyrgus cirsii Cinquefoil Skipper    
Pyrgus foulquieri Foulquier's Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus bellieri  
Pyrgus malvae Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus malvoides Southern Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus onopordi Rosy Grizzled Skipper    
Pyrgus serratulae Olive Skipper    
Pyrgus sidae Yellow-banded Skipper    
Pyrgus warrenensis Warren's Skipper    
Spialia sertorius Red Underwing Skipper    
Thymelicus acteon Lulworth Skipper    
Thymelicus lineola Essex Skipper Thymelicus lineolus  
Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper