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Guy Padfield

Guy lives in western Switzerland and has an excellent site, especially the localised mountain species, and it is no surprise that his "tick list" is regularly over 150 species. Also an excellent diary.



Matt Rowlings

Matt also lives in western Switzerland and travels widely, his site featuring some superb European rarities (where else are you going to see an Agenjo's anomalous blue?) with exceptional photographs and authoritative commentary.



Peter Eeles UK Butterflies website

A comprehensive site covering all UK resident and migrant species. Excellent forums with much lively debate on all aspects of UK butterflies.



Fleeting Wonders

A relatively new French (but with text also in English) site by Philippe Bricaire, currently in the process of completion, but with many excellent photographs of uncommon species.



Filming VarWild

This is an exceptional new site focussing on the butterflies and wildlife of the département of Var in southern France. The videos - all filmed in the wild by Brigitte and Pieter Kan - of iconic species are unique and amazing. Highly recommended.



Peter Groenendijk

Another excellent site from the Netherlands, with many superb photographs from across Europe. I have seen Peter in action in France, taking over an hour to get one shot, and the quality of the result shows the effort was worthwhile.



Butterfly Conservation HQ



Butterfly Conservation - Herts & Middlesex branch site

Includes a diary of sightings in Herts and Middlesex.



Butterfly Conservation - European Butterflies Group (EBG)

The EBG (formerly EIG) aims to promote the enjoyment, conservation and study of butterflies, moths and their habitats in Europe.



A comprehensive reference site for European butterflies and moths.



Pete Smith

A relatively new website by Pete, showing lots of very localised and interesting species both in France and across Europe.



Moulismes Nature

A site with excellent photographs of the nature around Moulismes, Vienne.



European Butterflies and Moths

A detailed site by Chris Jonko. An excellent aid to identification, with photographs of pinned specimens and shots of each species in the wild.




Another excellent butterfly site from the Netherlands by Johannes van Donge.



Butterflies and Moths of North America

A comprehensive and well structured site. I found it fascinating to compare the North American species with their European counterparts.



Butterflies of Serbia

192 Serbian butterflies listed, with photographs of most, by Milan Djuric.



Torsten van der Heyden

The homepage of Torsten van der Heyden with some interesting entomological information and useful European links.



Butterflies of the French Pyrénées

Butterfly holidays and guided tours led by locally-based butterfly and wildlife expert Jude Lock. The region is exceptionally butterfly-rich and hosts several Pyrénées endemic species.



Butterfly Images for Art and Identification

A relatively new (2014) web site by Paul Kipling with very fine images of European species. Narrative is in the process of being added.